Costume Designer/Maker
As my dissertation for my MA, I chose to research and analyse "alternate fashion".
Whilst studying BA Contour Fashion, I was often told my designs "where too costume", which led to my current career trajectory. For my dissertation I wanted to merge the two industries, which often results in the bracket known as "alternate fashion".
This design was the "Belladonna Corset Belt". The decorative skeletons where created by yours truly, as was the pattern itself.
Through this project, I further developed my making skills, pattern drafting/development, CAD embroidery and fit.
The video below is the making of the Belladonna Corset Belt from start to finish.
As I was constructing the Belladonna Corset Belt, I kept all the pattern developments, illustrations and any rough work in a folder. The below file is the scan in documentation of the process, along with the scanning of the toiles I constructed as part of the sampling process.
Below are the links for the vlogs I did on the construction of the garment (if you'd like to see the full process).
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