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Totally 80's is a Merseyside based production with a sold out debut in November 2023 with an encore in April 2024. It is now scheduled for it's third show in November 2024. The production team approached me and asked for some signature pieces of 80's music fashion to be constructed. This list included 2 x Duran Duran jackets, a white, denim Kim Wilde jacket and an Adam Ant pirate styled hat.
This production required a lot of self discipline and determination to ensure deadlines where met without compromising the quality of the garments. Budget control was also a huge factor for this production as it was contract based employment and the budget was absolute once agreed.
This contract was challenging and engaging and it required a varied skillset including menswear, womenswear and millinery.
Costumes & Props Constructed

Inspiration Image (The Guardian, 2015)

One of the final jackets for production

Duran Duran Jackets
The most complicated designs where the Duran Duran jackets. They where made from duchess satin to give them their lustre and to make them lighter for stage-wear (instead of pleather).
Inspiration Image (DailyMail, 2021)
Inspiration Image (DailyMail, 2021)
Garment in Progress
Garment in Progress
Kim Wilde inspired jacket on stage
Kim Wilde inspired jacket on stage
The Kim Wilde Jacket
Kim Wilde's replica was the first off the sewing machine and consisted of white denim and metallic foil, nylon/polyester blend. I do regret not getting an in detail photo of the jacket before it left my studio.

Inspiration Image (Daily Express, 2012)

Finished Adam Ant inspired hat

Adam Ant Hat
This was my favourite part, I loved the madness, the creative flair, working with such a variety of componentry, materials and techniques. The hat base was constructed from foam, backed with outdoor weather proof fabric and topped with an 100% genuine leather rosette.

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