In Contour Fashion, our biggest project was our final project, in our final year. The expectations where high and we needed to create a small range of lingerie or loungewear that reflect a theme we felt inspired by. The one piece of advice we where given from lecturers was to avoid using a black/dark colour palette (as they see it every year). This got me thinking....
Where I lived in my final year was a rather run down area but did have stunning cherry blossom trees. The natural connection was that of oriental origin and that is where I took my inspiration.
I chose a mix between lingerie and loungewear but the garment that was the "main event" was called the "hero piece" (we all needed to have a hero piece). It needed to be the wow garment of your collection.
For this garment, I designed and created a 74 piece bodysuit. It had a lot of pieces and was a technical minefield. Through this project, it taught me so much, such as: complex pattern drafting, complex construction, made to measure, CAD embroidery, working to a brief, tech pack development and finishing techniques.
My Digital Sketchbook
Below is my digital sketchbook, it is a physical document that I have had scanned in. (I would advise expanding the image to full screen to get the best view of the digital sketchbook).
Fabric/Componentry Samples
The fashion industry relies on fabric and componentry samples, exactly like the costume industry.
The fabric and components are the most important part of creating a garment, the quality and the feel are what influences the garment's price point.
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