Costume Designer/Maker
This project was completed as the final project of my second year studying BA Contour Fashion. I felt this was the turning point in my career trajectory. The outfit was considered "too costume" for the fashion industry.
Our brief was to construct something that was unique, bespoke and intriguing. I settled on the theme of Steampunk as it is a natural passion of mine. I attend Steampunk themed conventions and was already immersed in the culture.
There where many obstacles to face during this project as I wanted to challenge myself in areas I was not confident in. Through this project, I looked further into accessory/hat making, expanded my skills on: corsetry (both neck and waist corsetry), pattern drafting and construction.
My Digital Sketchbook
Below is my digital sketchbook, it is a physical document that I have had scanned in. (I would advise expanding the image to full screen to get the best view of the digital sketchbook).
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