Costume Designer and Costume Maker
The Hillbark Players is "the leading presenter of open-air Shakespeare in the North West." They where founded in 1964 and are coming up to their 60th birthday next year.
I have been an audience member for five of their productions, except for the year I was head of costume and wardrobe.
This production demanded organisation, budget maintenance, time management, collaboration and manufacture. Most of the costumes where sources from various suppliers however the costumes that could not be sourced, needed to be constructed. Due to a lack of experienced costume makers, I made the garments that where impossible to source (such as the matching kimonos and corset belt).
The Costumes/Props that I Constructed
The Nightgowns
The nightgowns where made of Duchess Satin and where inspired by the style of the kimono.
The insert in the back of Calpurnia's train matches the centre fabric of Julius Caesar's obi-belt to make them a matching set.
The Masks
The masks are used in the opening scene of the show as the opening scene is the Roman festival of the Lupercal.
They represents the wolves which where pinnacle in the celebration. They where jet black to represent a cultist element.
Snake Corset Belt
The snake corset belt was made for the character of Cassius. The corset is made from coutil, duchess satin, bonda-web, spiral steel boning, bias binding and just a touch of embroidery.
Zip in the back centre back for ease of access.
The Embroidery
The embroidery for the laurel leaves of Caesar and the policeman cuffs where drawn on CAD software and converted to Innovis software. The Innovis embroidery machine was then able to embroiderer on to double layer "Stitch'N'Tear" which then allowed the motifs to be handsewn on to the garments.
The Paperwork File
Every production has a lot of moving parts within the cast and crew. Maintaining records and paperwork was of the upmost importance to avoid any issues regarding garments or finance.
The Production's Program
Behind the scenes Gallery
I do not own all the rights for all the photos. Photo credits: Callum Sim, various cast and crew and Alan Griffiths Photography.
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