Costume Designer/Costume Maker
Whilst studying at DeMontfort University, I undertook an extra-curricular collaborative project with a film student: Karolina Chmara.
Her goal was to film a car advertisement for the Renault Zoe Z.E Electric Hybrid. She had a vision of a woodland scene with a magical creature being lost in our commercialised world and finding clarity and peace with a car that is working to protect the forests she knows and loves. (The car being 100% electric).
My role was Costume Designer/Costume Maker. Through this project I had lots of creative freedom, input and responsibility. I was a one woman show for this costume and it helped develop my resourcefulness, pattern manipulation, creative thinking and construction techniques.
This costume was constructed from 3 dresses from Primark, this was a challenge as the fabric had already been fashioned into garments. We wanted something simple, earthly in colour but the main thing we know that we wanted was that of the large draped sleeves.
The result was amazing and we where really pleased with the outcome. The video below is the finished advertisement that Karolina completed and edited for her university submission.
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