Costume Designer/Maker
BA Contour Fashion was split into a variety of rotations where we learnt the basics and then had to put them into practise. For the corsetry rotation, I had a very clear and ambitious route that I know I wanted to pursue.
After being taught "the basics", I wanted to challenge myself further. I decided I wanted to do an underwired cup in the corset mixed with a contrasting theme. The theme that I chose was Nature Vs Architecture, as I liked the natural tension between these two elements and the space to experiment with opposing forces. Wherever I looked, nature always adapted. It changed and grew to embrace the man-made architecture.
Through this project I learnt to adapt the pattern for inclusion of underwires. I also improved in made to measure, fabric composition, specialised fabrics, corsetry and construction.
My Digital Sketchbook
Below is my digital sketchbook, it is a physical document that I have had scanned in. (I would advise expanding the image to full screen to get the best view of the digital sketchbook).
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