Costume Making/Student
Whilst studying MA Costume Making, our final performance was a production titled "Things Lost". It focused on all elements in life that could be considered "lost", for example: objects, experiences, loved ones etc.
For the performance, we had a variety of different characters and they where all designed by the costume designers: Lotus Choffel and Chelsea Boyce. This collaboration was what made the costume profession so interesting and exciting: all of us working as a collaborative force to realise the production.
I found that different makers, designers and production crew had their own outlook on what they wanted in terms of costume for the performance. As well as the crew, the actors themselves also had major input as they had ideas on how they wanted to move and perform, that would project their character accurately.
Through this production, I strengthened my skills such as pattern drafting, made to measure, construction skills and sewing techniques, however I also felt that this was the first fully immersive collaborative project I had completed.
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